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No Credit Check Cash Advance

No Credit Check Cash Advance Helps Avoid Awkward Conversations

I had a conversation about money with someone who works for me. This was a very awkward situation because I felt it ventured past what the employer-employee relationships should be. But she brought it up – she was short on cash until her next paycheck, so she asked for a cash advance. My response was quick: I said no, I cannot do that.

Instead, I showed her how to get a no credit check cash advance through an online lender. But more on that in a minute.

First, I felt it was ok to provide some advice that might go beyond the professional barriers we typically feel in the workplace. I went ahead and shared with her something I did myself. This is a story of things done wrong and things done right. Here are the key points:

  • I didn’t plan to run short on cash. But I didn’t plan on the small fire in my house that ate up the $1000 deductible on my homeowner’s insurance. This happened the same month my kids started in their new school, where we had a number of fees to cover for the year.
  • When I went short on cash, I just tried to hold back on paying bills. As a result of doing that, I ended up paying $120 in late fees and penalties.
  • About six months later, similar unplanned and unusual events added extra expenses in my month. I instead went with a no credit check cash advance through a company I found online.
  • The interest I paid on this short-term loan was a lot less than $120, and there was no threat to making my credit rating worse.

No credit check is a big deal with cash advance loans

The facts are that getting a cash advance from the usual lenders – credit card companies and banks – has gotten very hard lately. And very expensive. Add to that, you need a good credit rating to get a loan approval. This shuts out millions of hard working people.

With no credit check cash advance loans, a traditional credit report is not required. They just need to know you have a job. You also need a bank checking account, where the money can be deposited by electronic funds transfer. Past negative credit marks are of no relevance.

A recent report on public radio illustrated how paycheck loan stores serve a role in the economy. That is because traditional lenders have not served millions of people who are struggling to keep their finances and families intact.

Contrast this to how troubled companies always get loan bailouts. Or when things get really bad, they manage to slip out of tight spots with bankruptcy filings. The rich people also find a way to fix their situations when short on cash or in trouble over large business failures or unpaid tax bills.

Payday loans are a means for working people to get a break.

No credit check cash advance means an uncomplicated process

If you choose to pursue a no credit check cash advance loan through a traditional process – friends or relatives, or perhaps a street corner payday loan store – I wish you the best. You’ll need to set aside a few hours for the task (see conversation above), come up with your pitch (friends, family and bosses will want to know your personal financial details) and go to work. To go to a store, factor in time getting there, time waiting in time, time talking to someone through a thick glass wall, and time traveling back.

The payday loan online is, without question, a much easier option:

1. Log in to the lender’s website application page
(not sure who to go to? Try "MPL" - for a loan up to 3000-5000 dollar).

2. Complete the application.

3. Get your loan request confirmation by e-mail.

4. Your payday loan will be directly deposited into your checking account. Just check with your bank to make sure it’s there.

That should take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Note: The actual amount you can borrow depends on your state’s banking laws. In some states, regulators put a cap of $350 – some more, some less – on what you can borrow. In a handful of states, the amount the lender provides is up to their discretion.

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