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The Mediterranean. One sea, 21 countries.

A unique expanse of water, land and life that needs protection, to be used as a bridge of dialogue and peace towards development.

Today the Mediterranean has a voice. That voice is INFO/RAC, the Information and Communication Centre of the Barcelona Convention.

Our mission is to disseminate environmental information, establish a dialogue with the media and raise awareness through all the languages available to communication.
To achieve these aims we have built a team of accomplished professionals, who will use the emotions of cinema and photography, the facts and figures of journalism, the directness of advertising and large media events to weave the tapestry of a one-stop shop information portal for the Mediterranean.

INFO/RAC, Centre of the Barcelona Convention, is designing and implementing the Information and Communication Strategy for the Mediterranan Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) in relation with the three main international actions centred upon our sea:

The Mediterranean. A treasure that needs us.

INFO/RAC-MAP - Via Cagliari, 40 - 00198 Roma - ph. +39.06.85305147 - fax +39.06.8542475 -


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